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Increase Trade Show Traffic With Video Wall Rental

Connect and engage with your audience using attractive and informative video content on a video wall rental

Capturing the attention of and building relationships with trade show attendees is the key to a successful show. But making an impact can be difficult when competition is high, and every exhibitor on the floor is vying for the same thing. Even the most successful companies with the best marketing campaigns can lose the attention of attendees. Why? Because the human brain works incredibly fast. Once we determine what we’re seeing is unimportant or uninteresting, we move on. As a result, you miss key opportunities to make real connections with attendees. A high-resolution video wall rental combat this by creating stunning visuals. By incorporating branded video content such as social media feeds, customer testimonials, or interactive video content, you’ll demand attention and draw people into your booth.

Our team of technical project managers has extensive experience working directly with clients, booth designers and builders to develop a solution that seamlessly integrates into your trade show booth design. From load-in to load-out and with 24/7 technical support, Upstage Video will guide you through the process of a video wall rental or purchase for your next trade show or exhibition.

Video Wall Rental For Trade Show
Video Wall Rental For Trade Show
Video Wall Rental For Trade Show
Video Wall Rental
Video Wall Rental For Trade ShowVideo Wall Rental For Trade ShowVideo Wall Rental

Advantages of Video Wall Rentals on the Trade Show Floor

Increased Visibility

  • Increase visibility from the show floor, both at a distance and up close
  • Harness LED’s self-generated brightness for greater vibrancy when compared to a TV, projector or printed materials
  • Display vivid, crystal-clear images to communicate your message

Increased Flexibility

  • Customize the shape and size of your video wall based on the video content and trade show booth design
  • Change your video wall content with the touch of button right from your phone or computer
  • Create immersive visual environments with customized scenic designs
  • Give the impression of one big screen with seamless displays

 Increased Engagement

  • Video walls can attract attendees with stimulating visual experiences by combining light, motion and sound
  • Video walls can be used anywhere at the convention center- breakout, conference and press rooms, hallways, entrances, kiosks, counters, and more
LED Video Wall Rental
LED Video Wall Rental
Video Wall Rental For Trade Show
LED Screen Rental | Video Wall Rental
17x27-Upstage Video Mobile Screen Rental
LED Video Wall RentalVideo Wall Rental For Trade ShowLED Screen Rental | Video Wall Rental17x27-Upstage Video Mobile Screen Rental

Trade Show Video Display Technology

Customizable Video Walls

Whether you’re looking for a screen the size of jet or just a couple of panels, Upstage Video offers a complete inventory of customizable options.

Video Wall Support Systems

Hang it, stack it, or use one of our exclusive video wall support systems like the V-Tower. Not sure what you’re looking for? Learn more about the best options to support your video wall.

Creative and Scenic Video Displays

Looking for more than a video wall? We can customize your screen to match what you’ve dreamed up in a captivating video environment.

LED Video Panels That Seamlessly Integrate into BeMatrix and Aluvision Framing Systems

Our V-BRIX LED video panels are an indoor, modular LED option manufactured exclusively for Upstage Video. V-BRIX panels have a unique dimension of 19.5” x 19.5” x 2.16” that seamlessly integrate into beMatrix and Aluvision framing systems. Incorporate V-BRIX LED panels into a customized trade show booth design or choose from five of our off-the-shelf digital signage designs.

Trade Show Video Wall
Trade Show Video Wall
Video Wall Rental
Video Wall Rental For Trade Show
Trade Show Video WallVideo Wall RentalVideo Wall Rental For Trade Show




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