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Cameras, computers, lots of fancy software and as someone once said… a boatload of knowhow. If you’re going to invest a substantial budget into procuring LED screens for your event, show or tour, don’t skimp on the production. There is an old rule that should never be forgotten: Garbage in = Garbage out. Whatever your production requires, we want you to consider us your solution. Obviously, we’ve got the gear, but it’s our staff of technicians that have the experience to tie it all together to deliver stunning live content to the screen.

We can provide a multi-camera shoot for any type of event. From IMAG for concerts to world class sporting events, our staff of directors, engineers and camera operators, and can produce your show from start to finish. We understand that different clients have very different needs. With this in mind, we have created two separate camera packages with very different production values.

Our Broadcast Quality Packages include either the Sony HDC-1500 HD or the 4k Blackmagic Design Ursa Broadcast cameras as well as CCU’s, remotes, multiviewer monitoring, fiber signal distribution, long lenses and professional level camera support.

  • All packages include full intercom system
  • All systems can be supplemented with Fiber or Wireless Signal Distribution System
  • All packages can be supplemented with ISO decks, Steadicam or Jib (Crane) systems as needed
  • All systems can be used in a flypack formation, in one of our LED trucks, or in our dedicated production trailers

If you’re in the biz of exceeding expectations from the beginning to the end of a production, you’ve come to the right page. Essential to accommodating a multi-camera-video production, flypacks are mobile video control rooms used for:

  • Concert tours
  • Television broadcasts
  • Sporting events
  • Anything else that requires multi-cam recordings

Our custom designed, compact HD digital flypacks are key to any successful live event. These ready-to-deploy flypacks are available with HD broadcast cameras from Sony and 1 ME and 2 ME switcher configurations from Panasonic. All of our flypacks have Evertz distribution, 4-A color correction, a leader engineering scope and Sony broadcast monitors. All of our systems were manufactured with robust design and construction giving video engineers the speed and flexibility for executing high quality multi-cam recordings.

Text-to-Big Screen is the newest trick that smart marketing experts are using as an additional “touch point” at live events. We provide everything you need to engage large audiences in a fun, interactive way with your brand. From sending traditional text messages to overlaying a Twitter feed, we can make it happen. Audience members can answer trivia questions, participate in live polling, or even upload pictures from their smartphones that will appear on the big screen. Our software even has adjustable filters that allow us to keep the messages reaching the screen to an appropriate flavor. These programs can be customized to your needs. If you’ve got an amazing idea, chances are we’ve executed it before. If we haven’t, we’ll figure it out for you!

We can easily interface with most scoring or timing systems (via RTD or ERTD) to offer another dimension to the fan experience. If an easy interface does not already exist, our software engineers will write a custom application for your event. Equine, Racing, Golf, Winter Sports, Team Sports… we’ve got you covered.

Upstage Video - Production Services
Upstage Video - Production Services
Upstage Video - Production Services
Upstage Video - Production Services
Upstage Video - Production Services


If you don’t see what you need, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Just ask. If we’re not the right company for the assignment, we’ll be the first ones to refer you to someone who is.

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