Revolution3 Triathlon


Rev3 organizers wanted to create a world-class professional series that appealed to the casual triathlete. The finish line area was designed to resemble a festival, and crafted to entertain the families and friends of competing athletes. ChoiceLIVE’s (formerly Upstage Video) mobile screens gave fans a LIVE look at the race, in real time and displayed participant information and finish times as they crossed the finish line. Our team was tasked with producing the entire broadcast, and provided multiple cameras around the starting line, transition, and finish areas. Most significantly, we covered the lead packs (both women and men), each with their own wireless motorcycle signal that bounced back to our production truck via helicopters. Two helicopters captured aerial camera views that were sent back to our truck from upwards of 15 miles away. Additionally, we provided announcement audio PA systems for the starting, transition, and finish line areas.