The Purpose Summit

The Purpose Summit is the catalyst experience for business leaders who are committed to transforming their culture, developing leaders, and championing business as a force for good.


  • Weekly Planning Calls
    • Created and tracked a pre production schedule of deadlines
    • Created weekly action lists of topics to discuss.
    • Created a “show flow” of every session with technical cues
    • Created a “shot list” of speakers/ events to capture on site
    • Created a room drawing with seating layout.
    • Coordinated details with venue internal departments
  • Content Creation
    • Created and distributed a PowerPoint template to presenters
    • Created title slides and lower third titles for presenters
    • Created multiple screen animations and backgrounds
    • Tracked and collected presenter PowerPoint.
    • Created Voice of God announcements and stingers
    • Created Walk In Music playlists

Show Site

  • General Session technical direction.
  • Provided General Session and Breakout room technology
    • General Session Audio
      • Multizone audio system with clear voice intelligibility
      • 8 wireless microphones
      • Pre-Recorded Voice of God announcements and stingers
      • Walk In Playlist Selection
    • General Session Lighting
      • Ground Supported lighting system designed for broadcast
      • LED uplights with programmable effects
    • General Session LED Walls
      • Center 2.6mm ground supported screen approx 9’x16’
      • Offstage 2.6mm ground supported LED columns 3’x11’
    • General Session Video
      • 3 camera 4k resolution broadcast switch system
      • 4k video playback and graphics machines
      • Downstage confidence monitors.
      • Tied in to venue projection and monitor system
    • Breakout room audio systems & documentation cameras
  • Onsite videography
    • B-Roll & alternate angles for additional footage for theatre release
    • Attendee & Presenter testimonial interviews
  • Event Photography
    • Shot and edited event documentation photos.
    • Handed off photos to client in real time for social posting

Post Production

  • Budget reconciliation
  • Post Con meeting
    • Discuss what went well and improvement opportunities

Let’s Create Something Extraordinary

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