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Choice Live is an event production company who’s DNA is rooted in all things video. After all, we were Upstage Video for the first 15 years of our existence. In 2020 we began offering world class Lighting and Audio systems to our clients. What does that mean exactly? It means we’ve got you covered whether you’re a touring artist doing a stadium show, a corporate client executing a global product launch, or a small annual special event. We don’t draw lines or boundaries, we solve problems. We’re as comfortable working in a stadium packed with screaming fans as we are at small experiential marketing activation or ballroom setting. Here’s a list of some of the services we provide.

When researching which LED screen rental will be right for your event, educate yourself on the different video technologies and products that are available. There is a huge range in quality with regards to image resolution, image quality, screen size and price.

Modular LED

With our inventory of modular LED screens, we’re able to supply video walls for any application. We’ll spend the time to understand your needs and will recommend the right equipment and personnel for the job. For those who want the highest resolution image, on the most dependable LED screen rental, ChoiceLIVE is the answer. Regardless of your needs, give us a call. If we’re not the right company for your event, we’ll refer you to someone who is.

Click here to view our indoor screen options. 

Mobile Video LED

If anyone ever tells you that Outdoor Video is easy, hang up immediately! The technology has come a long way in the past decade, but the great outdoors still present serious challenges. One of the main culprits is sunlight. If a screen isn’t bright enough to see the image, who cares how cheap it was? If it starts to fritz out with the first rain drops, will you still think you are the smartest guy in the world because you chose the lowest bid? The best thing you can do is educate yourself on what you need for your application. Yes, it takes a little bit of homework to be informed but ignoring some simple information could mean the difference between a successful show and a failure.

Click here to view outdoor screen options.

Creative Video Production

Cameras, computers, lots of fancy software and as someone once said a boatload of knowhow. If you’re going to invest a substantial budget into procuring LED screens for your event, show or tour, don’t skimp on the production.

Whether you’re looking for conventional stage lighting at a venue or you’re looking to illuminate a cutting-edge new product or idea, ChoiceLIVE is happy to design your next project. We use high quality lighting equipment developed for maximum efficiency and superior output.

Our team of audio technicians provide high quality audio solutions from small scale seminars to large venue productions. Deliver your message with professional sound reinforcement.

As a leader in the live event industry, ChoiceLIVE has decades of experience executing complicated projects no matter the scale. We’re equipped with a large inventory of event technology, knowledgeable employees and proven techniques to execute the best experience, for you and your audience. With proper planning we’ll be with you every step of the way to produce cutting-edge visuals, lighting and audio.

Be there.
Even when you can’t be.

ChoiceLIVE combines event technology with remote webcasting & live event streaming applications to bring the show to your audience, no matter where they are. Our services use a cloud-based platform to easily create, produce and deliver high definition, on-demand streaming services to audiences throughout the world.


If you don’t see what you need, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Just ask. If we’re not the right company for the assignment, we’ll be the first ones to refer you to someone who is.

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